Our service is unique. When you book an appointment, it is your appointment only. From start to finish your pets grooming is done within the time allotted, and in most cases ready to go home immediately after grooming. NO MORE full day at the groomers; no cage drying – all hand drying.

Each pet gets the spa/bath treatment with all natural products. Each pet is massaged and then a special protein rinse is applied. This Silk-N-Finish product takes 4 weeks for the hair shaft to absorb, making the coat dirt and water resistant. With its natural scent, your grooming will last for four weeks.

Our services include…

Mobile Grooming by Appointment

Pet Grooming

Behavior Training

Pet Photography

Skin Problems A specialty

Our Bonus Feature is Anesthesia FREE teeth Cleaning @ Affordable Rates

This is one of the best spa treatments available for your best friend – your pet.



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